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Cottontails Nuby Sport Sipper - 10.0 FL OZ

Baby Care
Baby Accessories

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


For Your Child's Safety And Health: Warning: Always Use This Product With Adult Supervision. Continuous And Prolonged Sucking Of Fluids Will Cause Tooth Decay. Always Check Food Temperature Before Feeding. Straws Are Not Suitable For A Child Under 6 Months. Remove Lid To Microwave. Warming Fluids In The Cup In Microwave Should Always Be Done With Cap Removed. Bums And Scolding May Result If Cup Is Overheated In Microwave. To Avoid Possible Injury, Do Not Let Child Walk Or Run With Cup. Never Use With Carbonated Beverages, As Carbonation Places Product Under Pressure And May Cause Leakage. Silicone Straws Are Not Intended To Be Used As A Soother Or Teether. Please Do Not Allow Your Child To Bite Or Chew The Top Straw As This May Lead To Leakage, Tearing Or Breaking. If Straw Is Damaged, Remove And Discard Immediately. Replacement Straws Are Available For Purchase. Never Leave Child Unattended While Using This Or Any Other Infant Product.

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